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Talisman Takes Home 9 Nominations at the Asia Web Awards

The 4th Installment of the Asia Web Awards from Seoul, South Korea will include a large helping of Talisman. Talisman was named an official selection to the festival a few weeks back and Nominations in all categories were announced on Sunday, December 6th.

Talisman took home 9 nominations in total for the following categories:

Best Special/Visual Effects

Best Editing (Wayne F. Cella)

Best Screenplay in Sci-Fi, Thriller or Animation (Wayne F. Cella and John Manning)

Best Creator in an Action or Sci-Fi (Wayne F. Cella)

Best Director in a Thriller or Sci-Fi (Wayne F. Cella)

Best Ensemble Cast in a Thriller, Sci-Fi or Horror

Best Actress in an Action, Sci-Fi or Horror (Tricia Sullivan)

Best Science Fiction

Best Series

Covered Sun Films and the cast and crew of Talisman would like to extend a huge thank you to the Asia Web Awards for this honor. Be sure to check out season 1 of Talisman, streaming now on YouTube.

Talisman Season 1

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